Orian-Erp is an Integrated Information System designed to organize, control and manage all business data in real time. It consists of the core system and many special modules that serve all the business needs. Its development is based on the latest edge technologies combined with the experience, knowledge that accumulated by many years of business experience, as it is the evolution of older products created by Orian’s founders.

The whole integration of all functions and departments of a corporation – such as operations, logistics and accounting is succeeding through the continuously and uninterrupted flow of information and smart alerts. Its design a model that represents the evolution of work within the business as well as B2B processes.

Orian-Erp can grow up with the business, having the ability to start a business from the basic functions and features, and then adding more functions or customized applications that will communicate in harmony with each other running in the corporate environment.

Technology and Environment

The OrianERP Information System has a multi language platform. Currently supports Greek and English, and can be added many more. It integrates many edge technologies, including Web based and client based setup that offering a single – friendly user interface. It can handle large volumes of data and with built-in algorithms can handle them quick, easily and effectively. It provides a simple and friendly environment for the end user (reminders, extracting data in various forms, attaching documents etc.) that facilitates the daily work.

Orian-Erp consists of the following key modules:

Financial Management of Private and Public Sector (Accounting)
Transport Management System
Customs Brokers
Warehouse Management
Customer Relationship (CRM)
Customer Portals
Human Resources – Payroll

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