Public Sector Accounting

OrianERP-Public accounting integrates and complements all functions of the leading OrianERP-Accounting.

Give your Organization a specialized software aligned with all the provisions governing Public Accounting and take advantage of all the features  and flexibility of Private Sector Accounting.

  • myData
  •  Budget (Preparation – Accounting Registration – Monitoring)
  • Undertaking of  Obligation – Cancellation
  •  Commitments
  •  KPI Report
  •  Statistics for the Information Society (Kinonia tis pliroforias)
  •  Receipts and Payments
  • Cheques and Securities management
  • Asset management
  • Contracts management
  • Cash flows
  • 4D cost centers
  • Real-time accounting entries from other subsystems, such as receivables from properties  management.
  • Generation of  all files for Greek fiscal authorities (AADE tax files) (monthly and annual)

Take advantage of the specialized features for Public Accounting

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