Warehouse Management

The WMS component is designed to support warehouses or distribution centers. Supports  all warehouse operations related to receiving, sorting and packing.

Control and manage the operations of the warehouse from the moment goods or materials enter , until they are loaded and removed  :

  • Bound/Unbound warehouse management
  • Picking, Packing and Staffing using “smart devices”
  • Warehouse Storage locations
  • EDI support
  • Automatic storage calculation based on flexible invoices

Create and scan SSCC stickers for your shipments, check in real-time the status and capacity of your warehouse and ensure the truck is properly loaded to transport raw materials and goods.

Let the WMS handle and issue  delivery notes, SKU barcodes and warehouse balance control by shipment, container, AKLA, SKU.

Get information thrugh a vireiety  of standard reports by customer, supplier, item, etc.

Get special information  through pivots

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