Financial Management - Accounting

Accounting is the connecting link between all OrianERP modules, since every business process also reflects financial data.

Use the built-in Accounting module and enter your records in real time.

Full compatibility with Greek accounting rules and MyDATA.

Use all necessary tools included in the Financial Management module, such as outstanding balances, currencies, open items and checks in the basic configuration of the module.

OrianERP Accounting is  a pioneer in electronic invoicing and provides a lot  of benefits for those who choose it.

Forget  handwritten invoices, precious time needed ,  high costs  and   high chances for errors  that easily occurre during the “traditional” invoicing method.

Get ready to upgrade your business in a dynamic global market with  the best way.

Fully customizable, it is easily adapted to the particular needs of your business.

Accounting functions include:

  • myData
  • Receipts and Payments
  • Offsetting records
  • Cheques management
  • Asset management
  • Open Items
  • Vies – Online VIES validation for partners from E.U.
  • Budget management
  • Balance Aging 
  • Open Items and Credit Terms for Customers and Suppliers
  • Multi-currency support
  • Intra-company reports
  • Credit control
  • Cash flow reports
  • VAT management
  • Cost centers in 4 dimensions
  • Real-time accounting entries from the commercial subsystems
  •  Real time accounting entries from human resources subsystems
  • Generation of files for Greek fiscal authorities (AADE tax files)

Get a lot of standard reports and statistic results as

  • Account Statement
  • Balance of accounts
  • Securities status
  • Asset book
  • Cost centers (4 dimensions)
  • Balance aging – overdue balances

Get more personalized and dynamic information and statistics through the built-in dynamic reports (pivots).

Run intelligent, highly automated financial processes through OrianERP integrating  transactions, analytics and planning by leveraging additional specialized tools:

credit control

Track customer balances, record communications, promise follow-up alerts, and correlate agreed payment dates with cash flow.
Make mass mailings of cards and letters.

debit control

Make mass mailings of cards and letters.
Track vendor balances due and schedule payment based on vendor agreements and actions. Relating forecasts to cash flows

Cash flow

Use information from your customer and vendor balances, post-dated checks, forecasts and periodic payments to accurately estimate cash flow.


Create your budget by account, period, customer or cost center and instantly correlate the budget with the actual picture.


Track your purchase flow from request to invoice payment. Create approval/assignment workflows based on department and expense amount.

payment lists

Get approvals for your payments and let the application create the appropriate XML file for your bank, create and correlate accounting entries and open items.

Properties Managment

• Real Estate and Properties Registration 
• Monitoring real estate contracts
• Overdue Interest and stamp duty calculations
• Claims tab to track balances
• Detailed accounting update from the receivables tab
• Materials Management

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