Freight forwarding Road, Sea, Air Transport

The top Transport Management System ERP


Consolidate multiple shipments into one case and enter all necessary information in structured fields. Track expected income and expenses, pending actions and dates of each event. Easily attach and retrieve all relevant documents. Customize your form with only the fields you need and set required fields based on your business rules.


Easily create any documentation required for road, sea, air transport without repeating the same information. Send it as a pdf or embed  it in emails generated by the app. Create and send emails to your colleagues in bulk.


Enter the agreed income and expenses and follow the flow of the booking from start to delivery. Attach relevant emails and documents and have them available when needed.


Create price lists for income and expenses. Use any booking /case field as criteria and feel free to develop your own calculation functions. Create and send offers in pdf format. Use invoices for bookings and cases to calculate expected income and expenses.


We have developed and integrated more than 200 EDI connections with customer partners. Use one of the protocols below or ask us to develop a custom one for your partners.

Booking (IFTMIN)
Manifest (Fortras 128, Fortras 512, IFCSUM)
Status information (IFSTA)

Cargo Tracking

Follow the cargo flow from reservation to delivery. Receive notifications of delays and provide information to your partners through the web portal or EDI connections.


Use the available  tools  to make perfect uploads. Easily modify / move shipments between trucks and track each truck’s loading percentage. See the routes on the maps


Issue invoices with one click . Let the application  choose the correct VAT rate and send invoices to your customers in PDF format.


Integrate our Android app and display assigned deliveries on drivers’ phones. Get electronic signature and photo of products delivered instantly to your system. Update your shipment tracking with real-time delivery time.

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