Shipping Lines-Agencies

The top ORIAN's Transport Management System ERP


From basic information such as port of call and ETA to operational details such as tugs in use and ship trash, keep all information in one place. Use the same information to calculate costs and create documentation for port authorities.


Use EDI files to create the BL entries. Use additional excel files or manual entries for empties or other cases. Load the expected load and check your offers. Use price lists to calculate local charges.


  • Import declaration for PCT / Customs (OLP, Lavrio)
  • COPRAR xls and EDI for PCT
  • COPRAR1 and COPRAR2 for OLTH
  • Dangerous list
  • Pregate EDI for PCT
  • SYKE list
  • Export declaration for PCT
  • Arrival notice
  • Delivery order
  • eDelivery Order for PCT
  • Container return instructions
  • Container guarantee receiptt


Enter  your bookings and send orders to the truck drivers. Create and send preloads to port authorities via EDI. Create timely COPRAR from reservation information.

Container Control

Record all container movements via EDI or even unstructured xls files. Get information  about the availability by type of equipment and depot. Monitoring of container bookings from bookings.


Get your invoices from PCT to EDI and immediately assign  them to the relevant BL and container.

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